Learning Something New

WOW!!! It has been a very long time since I have written anything! I do not have too much to update on. I am still busy working at NHS-NSS as a supervisor. Dave is still busy working as well. 

I however, do plan to go back to school this fall. I am very excited about this. I will be going to night classes to get a bachelors in psychology. So this fall will keep me even busier. I am hoping to finish in 3 to 4 semesters. 

Dave and I took a little weekend getaway this weekend kind of on a whim. We decided on Friday that we would go down and stay 2 nights in the cities. He wanted to go to Cabelas and I just wanted to get away for the weekend for a little shopping. I did make a big purchased this weekend. I bought a mac book from the apple store in the Mall of America. This is something that I have been wanting for a little while. It is definitely a change in what I am used to on a PC but I am really liking it, it just takes some getting used to. I am looking forward to learning all the different things on the mac. Wish me Luck!!!!!!!!!


Thoughts of the day

Well my day started off kind of interesting. I was suppose to be off and I got a call from work that required me to go in for. It was a stressful and very long day at work. I had such big plans for today too. I have been thinking a lot lately about going back to school for a psychology-human services degree to coincide with my job I have right now. So today was going to be the day to go to the college to find out exaclty what I need to put in place to get started on getting back to school at the very latest of the fall.

Then my other plan was to go check out a house I had seen online that looked promising and maybe worth looking at. So that got postponed for another day. It just goes to show you that things do not always go the way you plan!!! Anyway, I was able to set an appt. for tomorrow to check out the house…so I am excited about getting to see the inside in person, because I have seen the pictures online and it looks really nice. So we shall see tomorrow.

So the plan( I shouldn’t even say plan cause something may happen)  is to head to the college first and get that taken care of maybe get the dishes done at home, and some laundry then go take a look at the house later in the afternoon.  I wish Dave could be there with me to let me know what he would think of the house but he will be working. Plus I know that it only matters what I think of the house anyway….right honey!!! haha just kidding! Just as long as he has a room for drumming and a office space he will be happy!!! love ya babe!

Anyway…I will have to write what I think of the house after I go take a look.

A New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!!! I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year. I am looking forward to another year with my husband and my family and friends!!!! I think it is going to be a very busy year with a couple weddings to attend to. Watching my new nephew grow up!!!

It is crazy to think that we are in another year again! Last year went by so fast, it seemed as though it just had started and now it is over. To this day it amazes me at how time goes by so fast!! Another crazy thought is that this year will be 10 years since I graduated from High School…how crazy is that!!!

 Anyway just thought I would wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope this year just as good or better than last year!!!

Until Next time!

Winter Wonderland

Well, I have not written in a very long time so I will just write and say that I think we are going to have a white Christmas this year!!! How exciting. I truly enjoy the look of winter! But those that know me really well you know how much I love driving in the winter.

I think as of right now this evening we have gotten over a foot of snow it is crazy; and it is still snowing outside I am not looking forward to shoveling tomorrow that is for sure.

Maybe Dave and I will get out and take some beautiful winter wonderland pictures tomorrow after the snow stops or at least lets up a little. Driving home tonight both of us were thinking that there would be some very nice picture taking opportunities out there. I guess we will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Glensheen Mansion Part 1

I probably should have wrote about this as soon as Lisa and I got back from taking a tour of the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, MN. (http://www.d.umn.edu/glen/) This is a place that I have always wanted to check out not only for educational purposes , but because that is where a murder took place many years ago. However when you take the tour nothing is mentioned of the murders that took place there and they have put all the rooms back to its original plans when the parents Chester and Claire Congdon were still alive and all the kids were living at home. Continue Reading »

In Fear!!

Okay so I thought I would write a little as I have nothing much else to do tonight. Well, actually I could do the dishes, work on my wedding scrapbook, or watch tv, but none of those sound like something I feel like doing right now. Actually I would just love to crawl in a hole for the night that I could not hear or see anything. For those that may not know I absolutely hate thunderstorms. They totally freak me out!! And of course it has to storm on a night that I do not have my hubby to comfort me at night and tell me everything is going to be okay! He left again tonight for another week of training in Duluth. He will be home on Thursday night this week which will be awesome. But of course by then the storms will probably be over so it won’t matter! I still can cuddle with him anyway when he comes home!

I miss Dave so much. This seeing him for a few days then having to say good bye really sucks and I can not wait for it to be over. It is frustrating not having the person here that I spend most of my time with. I miss him lots if you can’t tell.

Anyway, I will stop for now as I am just rambling about nothing. Till next time!

Update from Mrs. Swizz

I know, I know it has been a long time since I have written on here. So I figured I would write a little tonight.

Well, our wedding scrapbook is coming together really well. I think it looks very simple but elegant. I have enjoyed putting it together. However, I did run out of blank pages so I ended up adding more which turned out to be good as they(Close to my heart) were discontinuing the pages I was using. Good timing on my part I guess. I am part way through the professional pictures then it is onto the ceremony, reception, gift opening, and honeymoon. So I still have a ways to go but I least I started and made lots of progress.

As for work it is going well. I have been staying really busy as they have me running 2 houses at this time; my own and then they had an opening at a house that I used to work at so they asked if I could jump in and help keep things going while they find a supervisor. Which I don’t mind as I enjoy working with the guys at that house too.

For those that may not know I can add another experience under my belt as my husband would say and that is remodeling. We have had some major issues with mold in our bathroom as there is no fan to vent out the moisture when we shower. So I asked our land lord if it would be okay for me to take care of it and he said no problem. So started the process. I first cleaned all the wall with some high powered bleach. Then put Kilz on next to help prevent the mold. Then decided to paint it another color other than white. I chose a taupe color. I was not sure if I liked it when I first started painting but now that it is done it turned out really nice and it feels like a home bathroom and not a public restroom with all white walls. I do have to say I was pretty impressed with myself for taking on the project and finishing it all by myself! Thanks to my step dad who knows a thing or to about construction I must have learned something over the years!!!

Now I get to spend another week alone without my husband as he is off to training again in Duluth for his new job. I miss him already and he only left 1/2 hour ago! I hope this week goes by fast too. Even though sometimes it seems like we don’t do much when he is home it is weird without him here. Especially when I am so used to someone asking me “what do you want to do tonight”! Hopefully I will get some of the house picked up this week while he is away.

I think that is all for now. I will try to be better at writing on here. But I forget about it many times! Until next time.